Coronavirus & Buddhism

How do you deal with fear, stress and anxiety?Actually, fear, panic, and anxiety seem to spread more rapidly than the virus itself.

Whether you are a Buddhist or not, the teachings of the Buddha offer an encouraging message to all of us during this challenging time – learning to live with awareness, compassion, and wisdom.





The Zen Dilemma
The Zen philosophy of unattachment presents a dilemma in modern life. Learn to infuse your identity from your goals and aspirations. – by Mark Manson






What is Zen Meditation?

Zen meditation, also known as Zazen, is a meditation technique rooted in Buddhist psychology. The goal of Zen meditation is to regulate attention.1 It’s sometimes referred to as a practice that involves “thinking about not thinking.”

People usually sit in the lotus position (sitting with their legs crossed) during Zen meditation. They focus their attention inward. While some practitioners say this is accomplished by counting breaths—generally from one to 10—each time they exhale, others say there is no counting involved.



What is Zen? A Spiritual Guide

Zen is actually a Japanese term that is derived from the Chinese word “Ch’an.” Translated, it means concentration or meditation. The practice itself is a type of Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism that emphasizes the value of meditation and intuition.

In western culture, the term “Zen” is used quite liberally, and with a few definitions, but at its core, Zen is a type of traditional wisdom that encourages people to have a peaceful and personal relationship with your own mind and a higher power outside of themselves.



“To be ‘zen‘ is to have total peace of mind, it is a state of relaxation that brings a sense of tranquility and calm to a person. In order to have a zen mind or a zen moment one is generally expected to practice meditation and obtain enlightenment, but zen practices should also be incorporated into the everyday life and encompass the human spirit more broadly.”

1. Live Simply – Let go of what is unnecessary, only hold onto the things that truly enrich your life and fill you with joy.

2. Release Anger – Anger only hurts the person that feels the emotion, not the person it is aimed towards. In order to feel zen, release all of the anger that is built up inside you and practice forgiveness instead.

3. Smile At Others – There is a great happiness to be found in making other people feel good, so put yourself in a zen mood by smiling and being kind to those around you.

4. Take A Break – Give yourself a zen moment at some stage of the day by taking some time for yourself to do whatever you enjoy or whatever relaxes you. A zen moment could be as simple as having a nice cup of tea, just make sure to appreciate it more than usual!

5. Don’t Get Attached to Things – Money and materialistic items do not serve to bring us happiness or satisfaction, they are mere distractions from what really matters in life. To practice feeling zen more often try to give up the items that we place monetary value on and place your value on experiences and making memories instead.

6. Do Less – A complicated, hectic life is rarely a zen one so if you need more peace in your life give up some unnecessary responsibilities that are weighing you down and stressing you out. Simplify your life so that it reflects who you really are and what you really want.

7. Love Fully – Remind your loved ones that you are there for them and that you love them, and live your life with an open heart. Once you are open to the idea and prospect of love, you will find that it will also be open to you.

8. Finish What You Start – Do everything with conviction and finish what you start, or if not at least have the courage to decide that something isn’t working out so that you can put an end to it.

9. Have No Fear – Live your life with as little fear as possible and make decisions based on what you should do, not based on what you feel comfortable with. Push yourself to do things that scare you and embrace new challenges every day.

10. Let Go Of The Past – Do not dwell on what has happened in the past, it is gone and cannot be changed. Look forward to what you can do to make your life better in the future and live in the only time that truly exists, right now.

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“Life is not as serious as the mind makes it out to be.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

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